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DoRoyal is a website hosting and game server provider operated by Sidular, and has been in operation since April of 2012. The vision with DoRoyal was to create a website hosting platform that our clients could easily relate to, and thanks to the DoRoyal personality, we are now proud to be  hosting hundreds of websites.


Why DoRoyal?

Typically, this is where you'd find a detailed explanation as to why you should join us, or why we're better than our competition. Instead, we'll let our customers speak for us.



When you're looking to switch to a different hosting provider, reliability should be your primary concern. Thankfully, we have a Jester. He maintains our network so it's up 100% of the time, and he very rarely falls asleep on the job.



You know what's annoying? Having to wait twelve hours just for a scripted response, linking you to some random knowledgebase article that you've more than likely already read - twice! Thankfully, we're not like that. We tend to reply to all support inquiries within 45 minutes, and we do so with a personal touch. Meaning, we actually write our replies, rather than rely on some general script.



We're currently a one-location nation, and have all of our services hosted at a datacenter out in Kansas City. (which surprisingly isn't in the state of Kansas)
We're looking to expand beyond this single location in the near future, so we can properly provide our international clients with a service that is closer to home.
The DoRoyal HQ will share office space with Sidular. So, DoRoyal is a Canadian operation.


We're Indie

DoRoyal is an independent website hosting platform. We're not owned or operated by some large organization, nor do we ever intend to "sell out" to the highest bidder. We're here for one reason, and that reason is you.
In fact, we're actually operated by a fairly small indie video game development studio called Sidular. Because of our super indie nature, we're not interested in making billions of dollars. We're simply here because we love websites, and we love hosting websites for happy individuals.


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