Here is a changelog of todays update;


The Hosting page has been renamed to Hosting Features, and now displays a list of features and service compatibilities. You are also able to purchase website hosting services directly from this page itself, just as you could before.

We've added a new Support menu to our site-wide navigation. Clicking the Support link itself will direct you over to your recently created tickets. Hovering your mouse over this menu will open up four additional sub-menus. These submenus can be used to create a new support ticket directly, to view our online Knowledgebase, to view our recent Announcements and a link to @Twitter Support, which you can use to send us your support-related Tweets.

We've also updated our About Us page to contain more information, as well as a section for client testimonials.

We've updated our Home Page to contain a small testimonial window.

We've added a demo user account, so new potential clients can familiarize themselves with our services before they choose to sign up. Demo account information is available on our Hosting Features page.



That's it for todays update.





Sunday, April 14, 2013

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