Spooktaularly Awesome!

Alright, so here’s the deal. You ready?

Starting today, and lasting up until Halloween, all new Jester’s Plan accounts are free until February, 2016.

That means you pay nothing, not even a single penny, for a period of four months! I mean, how cool is that, huh? :D

Now, of course after your four months are up, the price reverts back to normal. This is a promotional thing, not a giveaway. :p

But during those four months? Well, you’re free to do whatever awesome thing you can think of! Whether you’re looking to transfer over from another provider to our totally awesome indie platform, or you’re entirely new to this whole website thing, and just want to start up your own blog about cats and frogs. Whatever your deal is, you can do it, for free, until February.

Just enter the below coupon at checkout, and you’re ready to host!


Oh, and this is only good for new clients, so if you’re currently with us… oops! Heh, but no, seriously; with the holidays, comes awesomeness. Just because you don’t qualify for this particular promotion, doesn’t mean we won’t have a few in store for you this December. So keep your eyes open, as you’re in for a special surprise!

One more thing, you gotta sign up for a monthly package, or else the coupon won’t work.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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