DoRoyal is already one of the worlds most inexpensive and powerful website hosting providers, and now, we're blowing our competition way out of the water!

Starting today, you'll be able to get three whole years of website hosting service for just $87.84, making DoRoyal the absolute best deal in hosting! (normal rate is $160.00)

Here's what you get with your $87.84.

1. 3 Years of Jester's Plan Hosting.
2. .COM Domain Name Registration (3 years, unless something goes wrong, in which case it'll be 1 year)


As always, DoRoyal provides a full 60-day money back guarantee with all prepaid terms, so if you decide that you don't like our services, simply cancel and request a refund.

DoRoyal also operates a highly reliable hosting network that maintains a 99.9% uptime ratio. If we ever fail to meet our guaranteed uptime rate, we'll provide you with free web hosting credits. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best services possible, at the lowest price imaginable.

To take advantage of our super hosting discount, simply sign up for the three year hosting term, and enter the coupon shown below at checkout.


Also, just for a little bit of fun, here's a small price comparison between our leading competitors. Prices based on their three year hosting terms.

HostGator - $228.96
BlueHost - $250.20
1and1 - $251.64
DoRoyal - $160.00 (with discount; $87.84)


Only the first three years are covered by this promotion. After the term has expired, renewal occurs at its normal rate.
DoRoyal is not a domain name provider. We resell domains from a third party, and given the length of the promotional period, we are uncertain of how the domain name registrations are handled. Given this uncertainty, we can only guarantee a free domain name for the first year of operation.

Friday, November 22, 2013

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